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West Seattle

Club Leaders

Meredith Laws
Dave Nichols
Danielle Amstrup
Foundation Secretary
Bruce W. Palmer
Attendance Secretary
Michael Tadych
Vice President
Barbara Charbonneaux
Foundation Treasurer
Shirley J. Clough
Ann L. Avery
Public Relations Chair
John W. Enger
Club Director
Rico Smith
Club Director
Susan Hamilton Burleigh
Rotary Foundation Chair
Keith R Hughes
Community Service Chair
Service Projects Chair
Gary Potter
Membership Chair
Martha Dean Sidlo
Club Admin Chair
Len R. Burton-Hardin
Assistant District Governor
Renee C. Walden
Club Programs Chair
Alan G. Bernahl
International Service Chair
Susan Ann Lindblom
Youth Service Chair
Brian Joel Waid
Past President
William B. MacCully
Asst Governor
Len R. Burton-Hardin
Asst Governor

Club Meetings

West Seattle
Meets at Alki Masonic Center 4736 40th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116
4736 40th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Time: Tuesday at 12:00 PM

Club Breakfast Fundraiser

Monday, April 22, 2019
So... here's the thing.... the Rotary Club of WS Breakfast Fundraiser is fast approaching!

We want this to be a well-run, well-organized event... right? Because we can do this! Lots of your fellow Rotarians are spending their time and efforts making this a great event, and I need everyone else to do their part.

So.. if you are a table captain... we need you to get your guests REGISTERED! That's right, and it's super easy to do. This way, when your guests get to the event, we will have a name badge ready for them and their seat assignment all set up! Doesn't that sound great?? We want to be awesome hosts so there isn't a bunch of confusion about who goes where... blah blah blah. If you happen to be passive agressive and enjoy confusion on purpose, then this is NOT the event for you!

First, find out if you are a table captain! Did you give $100 to sponsor a table? Then your name should be on the table chart that has been at all the recent meetings and that will hopefully be there on Tuesday! If you gave $100 to sponsor a table and DON'T see your name, please tell Dave ASAP!

Second, register your 8 people that will be at your table if they haven't already been registered. If you aren't sure... ask Dave! I just registered all of my guests - it took about 5 minutes. Here's how:

Go to this link: (I know this looks weird... it's the DACdb Formatting... Sorry. )

Then, select one ticket at a time for each guest, and when prompted, enter the guest name and email, and enter YOUR name as the person who invited them.

That's it!

Then, after you submit, hit your back arrow to get a new ticket request page and enter another one! Do that for every guest! Don't try to select a bunch all at once - it won't work. Just one at a time! And... I suggest that you do not send this link to your guests... I think it's a nice touch for you to register your guests and cuts down on confusion. It seriously just takes a name, an email and about 10 minutes to register your whole table. You'll feel good about yourself.

Any questions?? See me or Dave!

Thank you!


Julianne H. Secor
April 28th
Ann Liberato
May 7th
Matt Amick
May 11th
Danielle Amstrup
May 20th


April 23rd
Kimberly Turner
YMCA Host Homes
April 30th
Tracy Franks
Fire Station on Alaska
May 7th
Jeanette Banobi
Education in Rural Tanzania
May 14th
Clay Eals


Club Member Anniversaries

Alan G. Bernahl
44 Years
Duane K. Ruud
41 Years
Dow Constantine
24 Years
Susan Ann Lindblom
19 Years
Andy Horner
10 Years
Martha Dean Sidlo
9 Years
Renee C. Walden
4 Years
Delores A Kannas
1 Year