Club of
Smoketown Brunswick

Club Meeting

Smoketown Brunswick
Meets on 1st and 3rd Fridays month (holiday exceptions)
Steadman-Keenan American Legion Post
18 South Maple Street
Currently Zoom

Happy Hour Fellowship meeting 2nd Wednesday monthly from 5:30-7:30pm at
Smoketown Brewing Station
Brunswick, MD 21716

Calendar of Events
This coming Friday, May 7th will be our 'First Friday' Regular Meeting via Zoom.

May 8th is Canal Stewards Launch Day. Meet at the Boat Ramp at 9am. See info in this newsletter.

May 12th – ‘2nd Wednesday’ Happy Hour from 530pm – 730 at Smoketown Brewing Station Brunswick

Friday, May 21st – ‘Third Friday’ Regular Meeting Featuring Presentation by Mary Anne Rishebarger, Past District 7620 Governor & Current Program Director USA for Monarch Sister School Programs


Jennifer Lolli-Hall
May 15th

Club Leaders

Ernie Stepoulos
Jennifer Lolli-Hall
Jennifer Diaz
Kim Grizzle
Karin B. Tome
Board Member
Christopher George Mourlas
Sue Kelley
Rotary Foundation Chair
Tiffany C. Ahalt
Area Governor
Smoketown Rotary Club receives EnviroClub Award
at District 7620 Conference!
CONGRATULATIONS to the Rotary Club of Smoketown, Brunswick, Maryland on the occasion of the club’s ENVIROCLUB Award, presented at the 2021 Virtual Rotary District 7620 District Conference this weekend!
COMMENDATION to Smoketown Rotarian Karin Tome for championing the Environmental Area of Focus in the club and assembling the club’s environmental award application.
All of the club’s hard work in planting trees, overseeing Lunch Out Of Landfills, sponsoring the Maryland Agricultural Foundation’s Mobile Science Lab, conducting clean-ups at the C&O Canal Lock No. 30, engaging in sustainable recycling practices at Oktoberfest, and enrolling as a Canal Steward have been recognized by the Rotary District!
Onward and upward!
Submitted by Richard Foot
Member, Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, Frederick, Maryland
Sponsoring Club Advisor to the Rotary Club of Smoketown, Brunswick, Maryland
New Rotary Area of Focus - Supporting The Environment | District 7030

Smoketown Rotary Club To Launch Canal Steward Program
Smoketown Rotarians will be launching their Canal Stewards Program this coming Saturday, May 8 at 9am at the Brunswick Boat Ramp located under the Potomac River bridge.

A proposal was presented to the club by Becka Lee, Canal Steward Program Coordinator for the C&O Canal Trust. The club then adopted the Brunswick Boat Ramp area for its stewardship location. Volunteer tasks will include general clean up, trash pick up, sweeping, cleaning of the wayfinding and interpretive signs, and the reporting of any hazards to park officials.

Jenny Diaz, Chris Mourlas, and Abbie Ricketts completed Canal Steward training last Monday. One of the three must be present during any tasks performed according to the stewardship agreement. Others may still complete the training. An additional steward training session can be scheduled if anyone is interested. The process is simple and requires a small amount of time. Others in the community and friends and family members can be engaged to assist but they must work under the direction and presence of the certified Canal Stewards ( Jenny, Abbie, Chris and future stewards). The frequency that tasks will need to be performed will have to be measured as the program proceeds,however; twice monthly during peak season should be sufficient.
Canal Stewards Launch Day will coincide with the Canal Trust Canal Communities Day in Brunswick directed by Rod Newton. Smoketown volunteers will work beside other volunteers to clean the area at the boat ramp and along the "social trails" nearby. Snacks and drinks will be provided by Smoketown Rotary. Bring insect repellant if needed. The Canal Trust will provide supplies for this day.

Please let me know if you can join in on Saturday morning for all of part of the launch. If you would like to donate bottled water, packaged snacks, or unpeeled fresh fruit ( bananas or apples) please contact me. or call 301-676-5857

Jenny Diaz, Chris Mourlas, and Abbie Ricketts - Boat Ramp

Smoketown Environtal Committee- Food Waste Challenge 2021
Rotarian Karin Tome led the "Food Waste Challenge 2021 " program in the month of April which was appropriately during Earth Month. Several Smoketown Rotarians participated in the initiative including Jenny Diaz, Judy Couillard, Chris Mourlas, and Karin Tome. During the first two weeks, they measured the amount of food being wasted in their homes and during week 3 &4, they worked to find solutions to cutting waste. Karin provided each participant with a food sheet data to track progress. The program ended on April 27 and participants are submitting their data sheets. Jenny noted that she took action and places her leftovers on the top shelf of her refrigerator where they are readily recognized and can be used before spoiling. Thanks goes out to Karin for her leadership and to those who participated!

Nearly one-third of all food raised does not make it to the dinner table. Eight percent of all global emissions come from food waste.