District Leaders

L. Kirk Bouchie
District Governor
Lance Eberle
District Governor Elect
Laura J. Carie
Vice Governor
Kim Ingalsbe
Assistant Governor
Sara G. Laughlin
Assistant Governor
Charles Miller
Assistant Governor
Pepper Mulherin
Assistant Governor
Scott Peyton
Assistant Governor
Lacretia Ulery
Assistant Governor
Randall D. Wheeler
District Secretary
Shanon Kae O'Toole
July is New Leadership Month
in the Rotary World!!!

Featured in the July 2022 Newsletter:
*DG Message: Governor Kirk's Farewell
*DG Message: WELCOME 22-23 Governor Lance

*Scenes from DG Kirk's June Visits: Washington and Brown County
*Thank you, Governor Kirk, for a GREAT Rotary Year!!
*Changeover Ceremony 2022: Incoming DG Lance lists goals for 2022-23.
*The Rotary International Convention in Houston was…. INSPIRING AWESOME FUN
*Assistant Governors make Rotary STRONGER: Who IS your club's AG?
*Three- $500 Scholarships available for Emerging Rotary Leaders
*RYLA Headed BACK to The Woods!!!
*Connecting with other Rotarians around the World! Martinsville Rotarian Exchanges Banners with Club in Belgium
*Youth Exchange is BACK for 23-24!!
*Interested in attending VIRTUAL Rotary Leadership Institute 1 in July?
Last chance to register!!

*THANK YOU to all that played in the 2022 Ryder Club for the Rotary Foundation! District 6580 falls to 6560.
*District 6580 Receives Award for Paul Harris Society Growth
*Council on Legislation: Link to Updated Rotary International Constitution, Rotary International ByLaws and Standard Rotary Club Constitution
*What’s Coming up on the 21-22 District Calendar????
Do you know any stories of Rotary's work in your community to share in this newsletter? Please contact Bettye Dunham,

Governor Kirk's Farewell message:
Greetings D6580 Rotarians,

THANK YOU ALL. As we close our 2021/2022 Rotary year, Becky and I want to thank all of you for such a successful year in service to change lives. You all so graciously welcomed us to your club meetings and events. We are forever grateful. We have made so many new friends around our district and zones. While the final numbers are not in, I know we had a very good year with gains in both membership and foundation giving. Of course our collective service to our communities was once again a hallmark of our Rotary year. Just as we are finishing the year as District Governor, 36 club presidents are finishing their year as leaders of their respective clubs. I congratulate each one of you for an outstanding year. While the pandemic ebbs and flows, this past year has been a return to some normalcy in our lives. As I said early on, the one word that comes to my mind is resiliency. Our Rotary clubs and our members have shown great resilience through the tough times these past three years, thanks to many folks but most thanks goes to our club presidents! I want to especially thank three groups, our district leadership team including all committee members, my home Vincennes Rotary Club for their tremendous support and our administrative assistant, Bettye Dunham. Thank you Bettye!

It has been an honor to serve as our District Governor this year. As I leave this position I encourage all Rotarians to keep up the great service work in our communities. I want to make one final plea to all of you to ask your friends and acquaintances to consider joining our Rotary movement. Rotary is a big tent and I know we have much room for new folks with new ideas to blend in with our seasoned veteran members. Although my title may be changing, I plan to stay involved in this great organization we call ROTARY. I plan to work on membership at the Zone level, foundation, and polio at the district level and stay active in my Vincennes club. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

Take care,

L. Kirk Bouchie
Rotary International
District 6580 Governor 2021-2022
PO Box 749
Vincennes, IN 47591

DG Message: WELCOME 22-23 Governor Lance

Hello fellow Rotarians. It is hard to believe that we are beginning the new Rotary year. I am incredibly grateful to be of service to you as we begin this exciting journey.

The theme for this year is Imagine Rotary. Certainly, this theme is timely as we are coming out of the pandemic and have a once in a lifetime opportunity to begin anew.

As we move forward into our new Rotary year, we must do so with renewed focus to the care and comfort of our members. Many of our members have fallen out of touch during the pandemic and will need to be reintroduce to Rotary. If we are going to be able to grow our membership, we first must retain the members that we currently have. We need to adapt and retool how we approach the engagement of our members. My hometown of Bloomington Indiana used to have a large traditional manufacturing base with companies such as RCA, GE, Otis Elevator and Westinghouse. Those factories are now all gone. Bloomington has had to adapt to this new normal and engage its employee base in new and innovative ways. Bloomington has been successful in this transition and has now become incredibly involved in the life sciences sector with companies like Cook, Inc., Catalent, Baxter and Boston Scientific. Bloomington has transitioned from manufacturing the first color television set to being part of the assembly chain in the manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccines.

As Rotarians, we now have the opportunity to dream big and imagine new and exciting ways in which to engage our membership. We need to be focused on looking for ways in which to find the right part to engage all our members. We need to ask what members are looking for in Rotary and how we can help our members achieve their goals. We need to look for new and innovative ways to engage members and prospective members who may not fit into a traditional club format. We need to be acceptive of change and be open to experimenting with new club models and membership types.

As stated by RI President Jennifer Jones, “You don’t imagine yesterday, you image tomorrow.” Together let us all imagine how to enhance the Rotary experience for all our members.

Scenes from DG Kirk's June Visits

DG Kirk visits Rotary Club of Washington

from President AJ Miles: One of my goals as President of the Rotary Club of Washington this past year was to make Rotary more recognizable throughout our community. We put up signs by the highway and sponsored a few things, but I thought of this park to beautify this part of Washington because the road was just redone. With the support from Mayor Rhoads, we were able to use this location and it serves as the perfect spot. Our long term goal is to add to this to bring more awareness as to what Rotary does and is about. Washington has been so supportive of Rotary for a very longtime and we want to continue to that tradition and give back to this community that supports this club so much.

left to right. Jim Norton, Bob Barron, Shelly Shake, Kirk Bouchie, Don Spillman (in front of Kirk), Joe Wellman, Brenda Sobecki, Sherry Treadway (in front of Becky), Haley Liming, Frank Guratzsch, Chrissy Hooten, AJ Miles (my daughter Eliza in front of me.)

left to right: Bob Barron, Jim Norton, and Frank Guratzsch.

DG Kirk attends Brown County's Annual Meeting

2021-22 Brown County board & officers being recognized

Left: David Parry, who received the Vocational Scholarship and will be pursuing further education in the field of diesel mechanics. Right: Student of the Year, Aden Rice, who received a scholarship and will be attending IU-Purdue in the fall.

Gavel passed from President Mike Laros to PE Jim Tichenor

Youngest Rotarian, Ruby June, sponsored by parents Maddox and Alex Miller.

Thank you, Governor Kirk, for a GREAT Rotary Year!!

Changeover Ceremony 2022:
Incoming DG Lance lists goals for 2022-23

By Jim Bright, Rotary Club of Bloomington

More than 60 Rotarians and guests gathered on June 18 at the University Club on the IU-Bloomington campus for the installation of Lance Eberle as our 2022-23 District Governor. Lance, a 20-year member of Bloomington Rotary, succeeds Kirk Bouchie of Vincennes.

Joined by his wife Stephanie, sons Chase and John, and parents Frank and Judy, Lance thanked and recognized Kirk, PDG Jessika Hane (Bloomington Sunrise), DGE Shanon O’Toole (Vincennes); and DGN Mandy Lohrum (Greensburg) for their teamwork and support. He also thanked Executive Assistant Bettye Dunham, assistant governors-elect, the club presidents-elect and other members of the district leadership team.

“Rotary’s 2022-23 theme, Imagine Rotary, is very timely as we are coming out of the pandemic and beginning anew,” Lance said. “Now is the time that we need to imagine the possibilities and make the changes we need to transform the world.

“The pandemic has put a new focus on individual and community health and taking care of our neighbors,” Lance added. “As Rotarians, we know this as reflected in our continued efforts to eradicate the world of polio. Rotary’s polio eradication efforts date back to September 1979, when Rotarians took part in the administration of the drops of the oral polio vaccine to children in the Philippines. We have remained committed to our pledge and now we are truly this close when only five cases in 2022.

“Those who have run marathons know that the last mile is the hardest. We must continue to raise awareness of our polio efforts as we strive to get across the finish line to a polio-free world. This is why I am asking all our clubs to organize events around World Polio Day in October, to raise awareness and funds to achieve our goal.

“Think about the legacy that this will leave. Not only because of the success of the elimination of a dreaded disease, but the infrastructure, partnerships and collaborations that have been formed to address the world’s future health issues. Of which we can already see today in the rollout of the COVID vaccines.”

Other highlights of Lance’s remarks:

COMMUNITY SERVICE & DISTRICT GRANTS – “As we assist in the care of our world, let’s not forget about the great work we do within our communities. During the 2021-22 Rotary year, through our District Grant program, our clubs made a major difference in their communities.

SUPPORT ROTARY FOUNDATION – “To continue and increase our humanitarian service, we need to continue our support of the Rotary Foundation. I will reach out and ask all Rotarians to beat their best. In the last 10 years, the highest level of giving in District 6580 was $128 per member. I ask that we increase our contributions to an average of $130 per member. For less than a cup of coffee per week, we can achieve this goal and the tremendous impact it will have on our communities. (Foundation Chair) Jessika Hane and her team will work with us to meet this goal.

ENGAGE MEMBERS – “It may come as a surprise, but Rotary does not have an attraction problem. If you look at the data, District 6580 lost 1,100 members in the 5 years beginning July 2016 which represents a large portion of our current membership.

“Rotary has an engagement problem. Engaging members is crucial to retaining members. As Rotarians, we are going to need to adapt and retool when it comes to membership. Think of what we have seen take place in Bloomington, Indiana. Growing up here, we had a strong manufacturing base with companies like GE, Otis Elevator, Westinghouse and RCA. Those companies are no longer with us. Now Bloomington is becoming the hub for the life sciences, with companies like Cook, Catalent, and Boston Scientific to name a few. As reflected by the numbers, the traditional way of doing things is not working. Finding the right part to engage each member should be our core function and the key to growing our membership.

As we move forward into the next Rotary year, we need to imagine how we can redefine our club experience to better engage our members and grow our membership by a net two members per club. (Membership Chair) Bryan Hane and his team are available to assist with the clubs to help develop better ways to service its members.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION – “In that light, I want to ask everyone: Have you ever been in a situation that made you feel uncomfortable or out of place? That you walked into a room and did not look like the others? Have you been part of an organization and did not feel valued? Have you ever viewed your club through the eyes of a non-Rotarian or asked what their thoughts of Rotary are?

“Rotary’s vision statement states: ‘Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities and ourselves.’ In order to accomplish this, we need Rotary to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. As a District, we need to be committed to creating supportive environments that foster open communication and share learning.

“I do recognize that this is not an easy task as the Rotary experience does differ from club to club and the dynamics of our structures, histories and politics are relevant. Many of the conversations can be difficult. However, we must recognize that being a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization will enhance the experience that members have in Rotary, allow us to carry out more meaningful and effective service efforts and create open, welcoming environments that appeal to people who have a servant’s heart.
“So, we start to see how this all ties back to what Jennifer Jones speaks about in the care and comfort of our members. We want all our members to feel welcome, engaged, valued for the contributions and to feel that they are making meaningful contributions. In return, we will get a more engaged member, grow our membership and do more good in our communities.

“As stated by Maya Angelou: ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ Is that not what Diversity Equity and Inclusion is?

“I would like to recognize Sue Wright for the work that she has done on this effort. With her leadership we have put together to assist Clubs in this effort and increase awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

ROTARIANS REACT – 2021-22 Madison Rotary President Dana Riddle, joined by her successor, Jeff Studds, called the changeover “a lovely event.” “Rotary events really energize my soul,” she added.

2021-22 DG Kirk accepts results, issues pardons

In his changeover remarks, DG Kirk Bouchie had a little fun at the podium.
“I fully accept the results of the recent DG election,” Kirk said, “and I will be issuing pardons soon, including IU Catering for the district conference lunch.” The audience loved it.
Kirk also thanked club presidents and presidents-elect, Vice Governor Laura Carie, PDGs, committee chairs and their members, assistant governors, Administrative Assistant Bettye Dunham, and Rotary International and Zone leaders, including RI Director Elizabeth

Govern Line: l to 4: DGDN Mandy Lohrum, DGN Shanon O'Toole , i PDG Jessika Hane,
DG Kir Bouchie, DGE Lance Eberle

The Rotary International Convention in Houston was….INSPIRING AWESOME FUN

About 20 Rotarians from around District 6580 attended the RI International Convention in Houston, the FIRST held in three years! With amazing speakers, great entertainment, informative breakouts and such a great House of Friendship, each had their favorite memories. Below some of the attendees share their experiences and photos!

To hear the inspiring speech by CEO and General Secretary, John Hewko, go to this link!

Also, the always favorite flag ceremony can be viewed here. (See how many countries you don't recognize!!)

Quotes from attendees:

‘The best part of going to the convention is the memories you make.’ Steve Freeman, Rotary Club of Greensburg.

‘It was a pleasure to meet in Houston and to see the incredible impact Rotary is having around the world. The excellent opening ceremony set the tone for the convention and I enjoyed every minute of my time there. It was an honor to meet so many Rotarians from other countries and to learn about the projects they are doing, especially relating to Empowering Girls!’ Sally Newkirk, Rotary Club of New Albany
l to r: Sally Newkirk and Bettye Dunham, New Albany and Mandy Lohrum and Steve Freeman, Greensburg
ubered to Galveston for dinner!

'Our' Mandy is out of this world!

‘As one the most inspiring gatherings of my lifetime, the 2022 Rotary International Convention revealed a global organization that has moved into the 21st century with impact, grace, and compassion. The organization’s mission to “take action to create lasting change” was apparent in all that I was fortunate to see. There are so many moments that still resonate with me, including the excitement of seeing incoming RI's first woman president Jennifer Jones address the many incoming club governors and presidents about dreaming big and creating a sense of belonging for all. Rotary International CEO John Hewko impressed me with his address in which he said, “if we have the courage to stand up for what we know is right, we can’t help but bend the world a little closer to our vision of peace - in ourselves and in our nations.’ Alain Barker, 22-23 President, Rotary Club of Bloomington

Alain Barker, Bloomington, outside of the convention center.

Peace Center booth in House of Friendship

‘First, a BIG THANK YOU to District 6580 and SHANNON for organizing such an amazing district dinner/evening for us! It was great to connect with our District Rotarians in a fun, casual atmosphere with amazing drinks and traditional TexMex fare! (Photo District 6580. (Evansville) President Rick Moore and I (President-Elect of the Evansville club) met up at the House of Friendship! Third, it was so amazing to see the journey that our Ukrainian Rotarians traveled to come to the convention. Ground transportation to Poland before they could even fly out! This was truly an International Experience and I was thrilled to assist Lena Ekman DG 2360 (Sweden) set up a small international dinner of the Nordic Delights: Governors Mikko Lindeman DG 1410 Finalnd; Thor Granum DG 2275 Norway and others from Italy, Brazil, and England were in attendance. ‘ Kari Akin, 22-23 President, Rotary Club of Evansville
Attendees at District party in Houston!
Kari Akin, Evansville, with half of the flags (!) at plenary session.
Photo: Stafano Lombardi (Italy); Olga Zmiyivska (Kharkiv Ukraine); Kari Akin (USA); Lena & Jaak Ekman (Sweden) (the girl taking the photo) is from California.
‘Becky and I had a great time in Houston at the RI Convention. It was great to finally get to spend time in person with our District Governor classmates from around the Heart of America Zones 30/31. Our district was well represented as well. The convention general sessions were very inspiring to us and once again reminded us of just how important Rotary is to the betterment of worldwide humanity. We would certainly recommend all D6580 Rotarians to consider attending a Rotary International Convention in the future.’ Kirk and Becky Bouchie, 21-22 DG
All these photos reflect my favorite part of my First Rotary International Convention experience. It was all the wonderful Rotarians I met and got to spend time with. I met some incredible people and had so many wonderful conversations. I lost track of how many people I dined with, spoke to in the breakout sessions, in the House of Friendship, the general sessions and just random meetings in the hallways and elevators! They were from all over the US and around the world! Even though we really just met, we already had a common bond as Rotarians and that was Very Cool!! (By the way the final count for Rotary Bobs Unite was 24 Bobs and two Robertas.’ …(You’ll have to ask Bob?) Bob Morrison, 22-23 President, Rotary Club of Columbus

Bob Morrison, Columbus, with Orbie.

Bobs of Rotary Unite!! Bob Morrison, District 6580 and Bob Richardson, Melbourne, Australia.
‘My best experience was simply sitting down at the tables in the fellowship hall. Many different people would come and sit at the table and create conversation. I was able to hear about the different Rotary club cultures from other countries. India has some rather large club sizes. African countries seem to have more exclusive style clubs. US clubs seem to be faced with similar problems of member engagement or attendance. These informal conversations have helped me understand how Rotary is a club for anything and all things possible for ‘people of action’. Andy Atchison, 22-23 President, Rotary Club of New Albany.

Entertainment at a general session.

John Hewko, CEO and General Secretary of Rotary (Click on Hewko's speech, above, for the significance of this photo.)

Assistant Governors make Rotary STRONGER:
Who IS your club's AG?

by Bettye Dunham, District Administrative Assistant

Assistant governors are the connection between your club and the district. The relationships they build with club leaders make Rotary stronger.

What they do
• Visit clubs regularly: Meet with each club at least once a quarter either in person, by phone, or by web conference. Listening to them to discuss their concerns and needs, and provide information, resources, and advice that will allow them to be more successful.
• Promote the best practices recommended in Be a Vibrant Club: Your Club Leadership Plan. Help club leaders implement those practices.
• Keep the governor up to date on each club’s progress and identify areas that may need attention
• Help club leaders prepare for the governor’s official visit
• Monitor the progress of clubs toward their goals: Make sure your are on track with their goals and achievements in areas such as membership, service initiatives, and giving to The Rotary Foundation.


AREA 1: Brazil, Terre Haute, Terre Haute South, Sullivan
Kim Ingalsbe continues as Assistant Governor for this area! THANK YOU, Kim, for all your dedication and commitment as AG.

AREA 2: Center Grove, Franklin, Greenwood, Martinsville
Mike Crumbo is the new Assistant Governor for Area 2. Thank you, Mike for stepping up in this leadership position. THANK YOU, Charles Miller, for your prior service as AG.

AREA 3: Jasper, Vincennes, Washington, Young Leaders of Vincennes
Gary Hackney is the new Assistant Governor for Area 3. Thank you, Gary, for stepping up into this leadership position. THANK YOU, Shanon O’Toole, for your previous years of service and we look forward to your leadership this year as DGE!

AREA 4: (The BEES!) Bedford, Bloomfield, Bloomington, Bloomington North, Bloomington Sunrise, IU Rotaract Club
Joy Harter is the new Assistant Governor for Area 4. Thank you, Joy, for stepping up into this leadership position. THANK YOU, Sara Laughlin, for your previous years of service!!

AREA 5: Brown County, Columbus, Columbus Sunrise, Seymour
Todd Boilanger is the new Assistant Governor for Area 5. Thank you, Todd, for taking on this leadership role. THANK YOU, Lukie, for your many years of service!!

AREA 6: Batesville, Greensburg, Madison, North Vernon
Mandy Lohrum continues as Assistant Governor for Area 6. THANK YOU, Mandy, for your dedication and commitment as AG. We look forward to your leadership in the coming year as DGN as well!!

AREA 7: Evansville, Evansville Morning, Evansville@night, Warrick County, Evansville Rotaract Club.
Sharon Oliva is the new Assistant Governor for Area 6. Thank you, Sharon, for ‘stepping up to the plate’. THANK YOU, Pepper, for your prior years of service.

AREA 8: Clark County, Corydon, New Albany, Salem
Scott Peyton continues as Assistant Governor for Area 8: THANK YOU, Scott, for all your dedication and commitment as AG.

Thank you, ALL, for your leadership in Rotary!

Three- $500 Scholarships available for Emerging Rotary Leaders

by Jessika Hane, PDG, District Foundation Chair

Are you interested in developing your skills as a leader? Do you have aspirations to serve as a District Governor or on the District Leadership team in the future? If so- you should consider attending the upcoming Emerging Rotary Leaders program in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Friday September 30th.

This fun and engaging program takes place at the Rotary Heart of America Zones 30-31 Pathways to our Future Zone Conference. Our very own PDG- Jessika Hane- is serving as one of the Training Leaders this year.
District 6580 is offering a $500 scholarship to THREE Rotarians who would like to attend the Emerging Rotary Leaders training on Friday (you can also stay for the remainder of the Zone Conference on Saturday and Sunday). The scholarship will pay for the ERL training and conference (travel and hotel costs are up to you).
Anyone interested in learning more about Emerging Rotary Leaders training or who wants to apply for the scholarship can email Jessika Hane at

Scholarship applications are due by the end of summer, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Jessika as soon as possible.

You can visit for more information about the Zone Conference.

RYLA Headed BACK to The Woods!!!

by Loren Snyder, District RYLA Chair

The last time RYLA was at Bradford Woods was back in 2019, when we hosted a record number of students from across Southern Indiana. Then we hosted a virtual RYLA Fall 2020 and ultimately were unable to be on-site or virtual in 2021.

Good things come to those who wait. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, RYLA is headed back on-site to Bradford Woods October 21-23, 2022.

We are very excited to be back at Bradford Woods, but we have our work cut out for us. Due to a significant loss of momentum and returning students to be less likely due to graduation. We will need a word-of-mouth campaign throughout Rotary Clubs and high schools across District 6580.

The weekend at RYLA and Bradford Woods changes lives and the trajectory of young people throughout District 6580 with the camaraderie, challenge courses, and conversations lead by the Bradford Woods staff.

We encourage Rotarians to join us on-site throughout the weekend to witness the beauty of Bradford Woods in the Fall and be inspired by tomorrow’s leaders. We will need a few volunteers to chaperone the cabins overnight. If you are interested in stopping by or volunteering, please feel free to contact RYLA Chair, Loren Snyder (371-407-1837;

Most importantly, please spread the word that “RYLA is Back!” Further event details, application, rules, and more to come.

Connecting with other Rotarians Around the World!
Martinsville Rotarian Exchanges Banners with Club in Belgium

from the Martinsville Rotary Club

Jean Luc Thiriot, President of the Rotary Virton, and Dayana Sanchez, Rotarian of Martinsville Rotary, exchanged flags in Torgny, Belgium.

At the beginning of June, Dayana Sanchez visited her sister in Belgium and reached out to the local Rotary Club in Virton. She told us, "I contacted the Rotary Virton. I mentioned I would like to exchange flags and learn more about their projects. It was a great visit. Jean Luc told me about their Club and the projects they are working on in Virton. I learned they not only support their communities but also help to keep traditions alive; an example is bringing musicians to play instruments from hundreds of years ago to different towns. He also invited me to taste one of the beers from the region." They exchanged flags in Torgny, a town on the border with France. "Jean Luc told me their flag has an image of one of the first farming tools used in the area," said Dayana, "it was a great experience, and I look forward to meeting with other Rotarians in the future."

It was the second time Dayana exchanged flags, the first time she met virtually with a group in Quito, Ecuador. They talked about their groups and what they do, and they shipped each other flags and other items like books from their clubs.

The banner exchange is one of Rotary's more colorful traditions, as Rotarians traveling to distant locations often take along banners that can be exchanged when they visit other clubs. Each flag is colorful and unique, expresses the community and country of which the Club is a part, and tells a story of community pride. Exchanging Club banners is a longstanding custom that offers Rotarians the world over a tangible symbol of international fellowship.

Youth Exchange is BACK for 23-24!!

by Rowena Cross-Najafi, District Youth Exchange Chair

We are happy to announce that the Rotary District 6580 Youth Exchange Program is back for the 2023-2024 academic year! We will begin accepting applications this fall, with an anticipated application due date of October 15.

Rotary Youth Exchange is one of the largest, oldest and most respected exchange programs. Its goal is to promote the advancement of international understanding, goodwill and peace at the person-to-person level. While on exchange, students will have the opportunity to learn the language and culture of their host country.

What is included in the Youth Exchange Scholarship?
• School tuition
• Room and board (homestay) for a full academic year in a foreign country
• Small monthly stipend
• Airport transfers on arrival and departure in the host country
• 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance throughout the program
• Pre-departure and in-country orientations
• Overall, the scholarship is valued at around $20,000

Where can a Rotary Youth Exchange student go?
Rotary Youth Exchange includes nearly 40 countries, mostly in Europe, South America and Asia.

How long is the program?
10 - 12 months.

What are the qualifications?
Age: Students must be between 16-18 years old at the time of departure.
Academics: Student must be in the top half of his or her class for the most recent year.

How much does it cost?
The Rotary Youth Exchange fee was $6,500 in academic year 2019-2020, the last year in which District 6580 participated. That fee covered most of a student's expenses in preparation for the year abroad, transportation, conferences, and insurance. The student and his/her family are responsible for some expenses such as language preparation, required emergency funds, school uniforms if required in the host country, and trips during the student's stay abroad. Some countries also require additional insurance, the cost of which is not covered by the fee. Please keep in mind that costs have risen dramatically since 2019-2020; we will most likely have to adjust the fee upward.

District 6580 does not presently have the resources to offer scholarships to help cover student expenses. Students and families can, however, set up easy installments to pay the exchange fee.

We would very much like to know what clubs are interested in participating in the program this year, and whether you are hoping for both inbound and outbound students, or just one of the two. Please signal your interest in the program by reaching out to District 6580 Rotary Youth Exchange Chair, Rowena Cross-Najafi ( or District 6580 Rotary Youth Exchange Outbound Coordinator Meg Butcher (

Interested in attending VIRTUAL
Rotary Leadership Institute 1 in July?
Last chance to register!!

If you have members interested in attending the VIRTUAL sessions for RLI on Monday July 11, 18, and 25th from 6 - 8:30 pm here is how you can register:

There are two ways: 1) when you go into the dacdb calendar there is a box at the top that says RLI HOA. Click this and you will be able to register. Also, here is another way to register as well 2) Register here:

If you have any problems please contact Sharon O'Toole at

THANK YOU to all that played in the 2022 Ryder Club
benefiting the Rotary Foundation!

District 6580 falls to District 6560
(We will take it back in 2023!!)
by Bob Browning, Rotary Club of Center Grove

On Thursday, June 16, Districts 6580and 6560 met to compete in the Ryder Cup for Rotary Challenge. Each District fielded 10, 2-man teams for the competition. The Ryder Cup format is 9 holes of best ball and 9 holes of alternating shot.

We are sad to report that District 6580 fell to the District 6560 6-4. District 6560 was presented the traveling trophy. We hope District 6560 gets to hold the trophy this one year only! The current plan is that they will host the 2023 event.

At the end of the day, the event raised $2,819.48 for the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation. The net proceeds were allocated to the participants and multiple donor forms were completed and sent to The Foundation. Due to more sponsorships by the District 6580 team, $1,808.04 was donated in the name of members of the 6580 team and $1,011.44 was donated to the members of the 6580 team.

The District 6580 team had representatives from 10 clubs (Bloomington, Brown County, Center Grove, Columbus, Corydon, Evansville, Franklin, Greenwood, New Albany and Terre Haute South). A special thanks to all those clubs that provided sponsorships (Corydon and Evansville), our $250 hole sponsors (Loren Snyder and Franklin Insurance Agency) and our other $100 hole sponsors (DG Kirk Bouchie, First Savings Bank, Indiana Members Credit Union, Greg Lewark, Jack Rubush , Bob Browning and Irby Law from District 6560.

THANK YOU to Bob Browning for organizing this event, again, this year!!

District 6580 Receives Award for Paul Harris Society Growth

by PDG (!) Kirk Bouchie

We were recently notified that our district was one of four districts in Zone 30 that has exceeded 10% growth in Paul Harris Society membership. We had 15% growth this year. The Paul Harris Society is made up of Rotarians that commit at least $1000 per year to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund. During the 2021/2022 Rotary year, our district had a net growth of eight new members, resulting in 15% growth. DG Kirk Bouchie commented, “I want to thank all of our Paul Harris Society members for stepping up to this very generous commitment each and every year. Also, a huge thank you goes out to DGND Mandy Lohrum for chairing our very successful PHS committee, within our foundation team led by iPDG Jessika Hane.” As a result, for the second year in a row, our district received a cash award of $2000 that will be used in coming months to promote foundation giving within our district. Thanks to all D6580 Rotarians that so generously support The Rotary Foundation.

Council on Legislation: Link to Updated
Rotary International Constitution,
Rotary International ByLaws and
Standard Rotary Club Constitution

by Joe Hagedorn, COL 22 District Representative
Here are links to the updated Rotary International Constitution, Rotary International Bylaws, and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. The updates were passed by the Rotary COL meeting on April 22.

A few things to note:

Attendance: The Standardized Rotary Club Constitution (template) includes attendance. The only thing that has changed in regards to attendance is that this is no longer reported to Rotary International. Clubs are free to set attendance requirements as determined by their board and members.

Engagement: One of the goals RI is asking clubs to set and measure is the amount of ‘engagement’ of members in service planning and service projects.

If you have questions on any of these documents please contact me.
Thank You,
Joe Hagedorn, PDG
COL Representative from 6580
Club Visioning Chair 2021-2022

What's Coming Up on the District Calendar



28 - October 2nd: Pathway to Our Future: Zone 30 and 31 International Conference Chattanooga, TN

22nd: District Leadership meeting: Location TBD
22-23 RYLA
24th: World Polio Day

November 18th: Foundation Event: Friday. Location to be determined.

1st: First District Grant Training (There will be two. Two members of your club must attend one of two) 5:00 pm EDT
6th: Tuesday, VIRTUAL District Assembly: 6:30 - 8:30 pm EST

January 19th: One of two. District Grant Trainings (Two members of your club must attend one of two) 5:00 pm EDT

24th: Paul Harris Society Foundation Event: Friday (Location to be determined)

18-19th: President-Elect Training Seminar, Effingham, Ill.

22nd: Rotary District Conference 2023, Terre Haute Convention Center

13th: Major Donor Dinner (tentative) Saturday
27-31, 2023: Rotary International Convention 2023, Melbourne, Australia