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March Message from DG Gerry Taylor

March is Rotary’s Water and Sanitation month. This month’s theme highlights the work of Rotarians around the world doing good to provide clean water which in turn provides sanitation for better health for all. District 6910 and many of our clubs are committed to providing funding and service projects to enhance the quality of water and sanitation both in our district communities and around the world.

Both District 6910 and many of our clubs are committed to supporting HANWASH. HANWASH is an ongoing multi-year project to provide clean water throughout all of Haiti. Between poverty and natural disasters, Haiti has experienced disease, death and declining health issues for their lack of clean water. HANWASH is making a difference. Each year, more and more areas of Haiti are getting clean water. There is much more to be done. Your district leadership is committed to seeing this project through. It will take many years, but we are light years ahead of where we were in Haiti just several years ago. I know a number of clubs and several individuals, including our own Suchet Loois, who are deeply engaged in this project. Let’s keep this effort strongly moving ahead.

On the district level, I would like to honor and celebrate the clubs located around Lake Lanier. These clubs have been instrumental for a number of years in providing Lake Lanier “clean up” efforts. There are other areas of our district that support and provide clean water and sanitation efforts. A number of our annual district grants are used by local clubs to enhance the quality of water, and to improve sanitation efforts. Thanks to all for your leadership in providing clean water and better sanitation!

Lastly, let me say that we are all indebted to District 6910 Membership Co-Chairs, Scott Yochum and Pepper Pettit. They have visited 50 clubs in our district this year and over 300 clubs in our zone over the last several years. Due to their efforts and the efforts of many club leaders, District 6910 is leading Zone 34 in net new members. We also are among the top of all districts in North America for net new members. We have a chance to be the number one district in both categories, but we need to stay the course through June 30, 2023. Congratulations to Scott and Pepper and to each of you for your recruitment of new members, the development of new members and the retention of existing members.

See you soon in Chattanooga as we move on down the tracks towards the end of the 2022-23 Rotary year.

-DG Gerry Taylor

Lake Lanier Area Clubs Partner to Promote Water Quality Awareness

Monday, March 6, 2023
Four years ago this May, Jeff and Jess Williams were enjoying Don Carter State Park and swimming in Lake Lanier with their three sons, including their youngest, Justus. In the days following, Justus started to get sick and doctors told them that the illness should pass. But the boy’s condition worsened. He developed an infection and died less than two weeks later. Learn how this unfortunate event, became the inspiration behind this Rotary club project centered around water quality in our communities.

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Meet our Members | A Life Rich in Talent and Endurance

Elliott Brack | Rotary Club of Gwinnett

By Anu C. Narula on Monday, March 6, 2023

The Portrait of Elliott Brack
In our March Member spotlight, we recognize Elliott Brack, a member of the Rotary Club of Gwinnett. Elliott Brack celebrated 60 years of Rotary attendance across multiple Rotary clubs and districts this year.

Learn more about Elliott Brack and his Rotary journey as we shine a spotlight on his dedication in the month of March.

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Water & Sanitation Month: HANWASH Update

As we turn our attention toward the clean water and sanitation month, learn the latest from our District 6910 HANWASH Chair about what is happening with our efforts to provide clean water in Haiti.

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Rotarians Judge Laws of Life Essays

By Linda Hatten on Monday, March 6, 2023

The Georgia Rotary Clubs Laws of Life Essay Contest doesn't happen without judges. And thanks to online judging through, our esteemed Rotarian judges participate from Rotary clubs in all corners of the Peach State.

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Two Clubs Kickoff 2023 by Celebrating a Century of Service.

The beginning of 2023 saw the celebration of two long-standing clubs in District 6910 celebrating their centennial events. While one club is catching up from being sidelined by COVID, another club has been expanding its footprint all over town to mark the banner occasion.

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Rotary Leadership Institute Comes to Gwinnett | March 25, 2023

By Donald W. Martin on Monday, March 6, 2023

Hot off the heels of an outstanding RLI experience in Greensboro at the Lake Oconee Academy, the RLI experience will be landing in Gwinnett County at the PCOM Suwanee located at 625 Old Peachtree RD NW in Suwanee.

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Adventure Awaits at District Assembly on Saturday, May 20, 2023

Want to know what's in store for District Assembly this year? Get the details now and share with your club!
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The Train is Soon To Depart! 2023 District Conference Update

Yes. It’s true. This year’s District 6910 Conference in Chattanooga is SOLD OUT! We sure wish we could keep announcing “All Aboard the Rotary Express” but this train is ready to leave the station. Passenger demand was up, and our destination is clear (choo choo). Chattanooga, Tennessee is soon to be full of Rotarians ready to learn, connect, and serve.

Stay tuned for 2024 District 6910 Conference information. We have a hunch you won’t want to miss it either!

Get on Board the GRSP Silent Auction!

By Tammy Tate Gilland on Monday, March 6, 2023

One of the highlights of the Rotary District 6910 District Conference is the annual Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP) Silent Auction. Our GRSP students donate an item from their country to raise fund to benefit the GRSP program. Here’s a preview of what you can look forward to bidding on in Chattanooga!

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Join in the fun for Rotary International Convention in Melbourne!

We would like to invite you to be involved with a film for the Rotary International Convention 2023.

It will be wonderful to have as many people as possible involved. If you're happy to invite others to participate that would be great. We are very keen to demonstrate the global influence of Rotary and to represent diversity, equity and inclusion. A guide film has been created with instructions and for use as a guide track. This can be found at
rotaryfilm .

Thanks for your support and for all the work you do to contribute to Rotary.

This is a project of the Melbourne 2023 Rotary International Convention Host Organizing Committee Incorporated

Pics 'n' Vids

By Cathy O'Gara on Sunday, March 5, 2023

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