August 17, 2023

R. Gordon R. McInally
RI President 2023-24
Renee DeCoskey
District 7450 Governor

Swarthmore Rotary Leaders

Lori Markusfeld
Jane C Billings
Youth Services Chair
Brian Casey
Club Executive Secretary
Joseph Patrick Lesniak
George C. Whitfield Jr.
Elizabeth Churche
Rotary Foundation Chair
Perri Ann Evanson
Public Relations Chair
Carr Everbach
Membership Chair
David Firn
Service Projects Chair
William Clinton Hale
Jeannine Osayande
Youth Services Chair
Hillard Pouncy
Club Programs Chair
Heather Saunders
iPast President
Joshua Twersky
Club Director
Kenneth J. Wright
Club Director
Maria Michael Zissimos
Club Director
Hillard Pouncy
Assistant Governor

Happy Dollars

pledge $309
2022-2023 $4,231

Rotary Celebrations!


Elizabeth Churche
August 17th
Norman Ledwin Jr.
August 18th
Hillard Pouncy
August 23rd

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Guests Last Meeting

Marc Berneski

Meetings and Events

August 17th, 12:15-1:30 PM
Swarthmore Weekly Club Meeting (Inn)
Speaker: Dr. Andrew Hoffman, Dean of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Subject: A Conversation with Penn Vet Dean Andrew Hoffman
August 24th, 12:15-1:30 PM
Swarthmore Weekly Club Meeting (Inn)
Speaker: Monika Collins, Vice President for Advancement, Foundation for Delaware County
Subject: Charitable Giving for Today and Tomorrow
August 31st, 12:15-1:30 PM
Swarthmore Weekly Club Meeting (at TYLER ARBORETUM)
Speaker: Mike Skuja, Tyler Arboretum Executive Director
Subject: Leading Tyler Arboretum Into The future

4 Way Test

Of the things we think, say or do
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Club News

President Lori Markusfeld presided over her first regular meeting.
Cathy Darrell is still taking clothing to City Team. You can give her gently used adult and children’s clothing.
Elizabeth Church gave the Rotary Moment. She told us about the Rotaract Club at Harvard University.
Lori said we will have a joint meeting with the Media Club on August 31 at Tyler Arboretum. Preregistration is required. Please see Lori’s email of August 11 for registration information.

Last Meeting Summary

Starting a new business is always tough. It seems particularly daunting to sell a new granola snack product when there are already a gazillion granolas on store shelves. Kim Bernaus, owner of Unruly Nature, explained how she has managed since founding her company a year ago.
Kim related the steps she has taken so far. The first step was deciding on a product niche. What makes her granola different from other granolas? She explained that her niche is package size and taste. She sells 8 oz. and 2 oz. bags. She anticipates the 2 oz. bags will be put in lunches or eaten as on-the-go snacks. Kim has developed exotic mixes of ingredients for her products. She said she didn’t want just dried fruit, nuts, and oats. The flavors she sells on her website,, are:

  • Calypso curry
  • Camp fire crunch (includes tea)
  • Chili lime
  • Lemon lavender haze
  • Spicy hot chocolate
  • The everyday
  • Touch of old fashion (includes bourbon)
  • Tuscan orange
She provided three samples for us to try. The ingredients are shown in the photos below.
The second step is production. Here she ran into a problem. She found that she had to produce the granola in a licensed food prep facility. Her kitchen did not qualify. Among other factors, Kim would have had to get rid of her dog, which she was unwilling to do. She rents space at a local restaurant to prepare her products. Kim makes the batches with one assistant.
The third step is breaking into the crowded market of granola products. Kim’s approach is to sell at local Farmer’s Markets. Her website indicates she sells at six local Farmer’s Markets, including Swarthmore’s. This was how she initially became known to consumers. She still sells two thirds of her product at Farmer’s Markets. She sells the rest at her web-site.
Kim announced that she was making progress on her next marketing objective, selling to small retails stores. The COOP placed its first order with her on the day of the meeting.
Club members had many questions and suggestions. Suggestions included:
  • Using the PAC Center kitchen to make her batches.
  • Sending samples to social media influencers.
  • Going on the TV show Shark Tank.

Unruly Nature granola can be purchased at the Swarthmore Farmer’s Market or online at The cost is about $10 for 8 oz. bags and about $3 for 2 oz. bags.

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